Anna Mickle

"Slam camp changed me in a lot of ways. Not only did it improve my writing—though it definitely did that—it also changed me so much as a person. Being in an environment like that, surrounded by such amazing, talented people, who genuinely care about you, makes you feel so powerful and special in a way that a lot of people don't get to experience. At camp, not only did I fall in love with slam poetry all over again, in a whole new way, but I also learned how to respect myself as an artist, and I think there’s a lot more power in that than could ever be put into words."

Jamal Parker

"At Slam Camp, I was blessed with the opportunity to study under renowned poets such as Sierra Demulder, Adam “Henzbo” Henze, and Khary Jackson. While there, I learned the fundamental value of honing into your voice and body to tell a story. After a week’s worth of being immersed in poetry and participating in slams, I didn’t want to leave. But I was grateful for the loving community that was formed, and overall I left with more confidence in my voice, my writing, and myself as a human being. One week changed my life as I knew it, and slamily is simply wonderful."

Blythe Baird

Reasons you should go to slam camp:

  1. You are being instructed by actual wizards.
  2. You will be amazed at the poetry you are capable of producing here.
  3. Your truest, rawest, strongest self is exposed in the most empowering way.